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Published: 4/06/21

Ways to Protect the Utility System

Be mindful of what you flush down your toilet, that could lead to costly sewer backups in your home or in the sanitary sewer system. Items can create blockages in pipes or cause damage to expensive equipment used in the wastewater treatment plant.

Please DO NOT flush the following items:
~ Baby wipes or diapers
~ Flushable wipes – they are not actually flushable
~ Aquarium gravel or kitty litter
~ Sanitary napkins
~ Rags
~ Cotton swabs, sponges
~ Toys
~ Plastic or rubber items of any kind
~ Food wrappers
~ Clothing

“Flushable” wipes cause millions of dollars in damage to infrastructure in the United States each year. Rags and wipes mix with the fats, oils and grease (FOG) in plumbing fixtures and can create large sewer blockages. Wipes are often marketed as a good alternative to toilet paper but since they do not break down, this sometimes requires crews to unclog pipes and pumps as well as replace and upgrade equipment. Next time you debate about whether to flush an item other than toilet paper, simply put it in the trashcan or dispose of properly.